English Language Training Course in

 Constellations Based on Bonding & Trauma

The next course will start in October 2016.

This course is a residential opportunity for learning facilitation of Constellations based on the theoretical thinking and practice developed by Professor Franz Ruppert. The structure of the course is eight modules of 5 days each module over eighteen months. 

Why this course?

What makes this course different is the fact that modules are long and it is residential. We have found in the two courses that we have run so far that this creates a quite extraordinary environment of safety and collaboration, where the participants develop great trust and confidence in each other, and support each other in many ways. Lasting friendships develop, and the residential environment provides a relaxed and informal atmosphere where ‘work’ and ‘play’ merge and inform each other. 

Both Tore and Vivian aim to offer the latest information and developments by Franz Ruppert. There have been many new developments on the practical side in the last couple of years and we aim to pass on such new methods and thinking as they arise. The module with Franz (which takes place at his centre in Munich) offers a unique opportunity of five full days with the founder and developer of this work.

trainers: Vivian Broughton, Tore Kval and Franz Ruppert


The leaflet for the next course will be available shortly, meanwhile feel free to explore the website.

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